Organizing Chaos {My Craft Space}

Today I am going to share with you my Craft Space.  Now I have to warn you to get ready and try not to ooh and ahh too much.  Please try to contain yourself and don’t be too jealous as I show you this space! 

Now it’s not a big space, and I will be honest with you that it’s only a whopping 5′ x 8′ little room but it’s MY ROOM no one else will claim it and I love it that way.  Here is my version of how to organize a small space.  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular unless ribbons, knick-knacks, imagination and craftastic things get you excited like me!

The perfect little spot for my craft supplies that I hide away from my children craft books, extra cookbooks and my very own “this and that”. 

If you know me well enough by now, you would have guessed that I found this shelf at the curb!  Well, someone else’s curb but that was awhile ago before blogging days so there is no before pic.
Up top is where I store all of my wreaths and floral items (the ceilings are 12′ in there).  Wow, looking up close it sure does look like I am a floral hoarder.  Oh well, please don’t judge.
If you recall, I found these tan shelves a few months ago, also on the curb.  Take a look around Curb Alert! (the name of this blog if you are new) and look what I did with them before I moved them into this room.
KidSpace Reveal HERE
Check out my fancy system for wrapping paper!  Home Depot Bucket to the rescue!  Hey, it works!
I don’t do any of my “craft business” in here because I have a space right outside the door that I can work on.  It looks like this:
More of my kitchen organizing HERE titled Organizing Chaos!
The door to the laundry room, yes the craft space is in my LAUNDRY ROOM is right beside the fridge near that awesomely large kitchen island workspace.   It works perfectly because my kids rarely go in there since they try to always find ways to shirk their laundry duties and like I said I can’t do my business in there because someone else does “Her” business in there!
“Miss Diamond”
The tour didn’t take long now did it!  Are you jealous yet?   Probably not but be sure to check over at Thrifty Decor Chick! for link-ups for many other amazing Craft Spaces.  That’s where I plan on partying the rest of the day to scope out ideas!  You will not be disappointed.
One last look at the space:
And to give you an idea of how big it REALLY is check out my two pretty little hard working friends that I also share the space with!  You can see a smidge of the w/d in the above picture.  I said it was SMALL!
Notice the beach picture.  It makes me think of walking on a beautiful beach somewhere with MyLove and forget for a split second what I am REALLY doing!
And the quote in the little frame reads:
Sorting out Life, One Load at a Time!
Thanks for checking out my Crafting and Laundry Space!
Happy Treasure Hunting!
Sharing today at Thrifty Decor Chick!

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  1. Your craft storage may be small, but it's bigger than the one and only bathroom I have (5×7) but I managed to get a full size tub/shower in it! And you are also lucky to have the laundry room to do crafts, I have the floor of my 'den' to do things, and they get stored in my spare bedroom! I really long for the warm weather to get outside and really get crafty!!


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