More Outdoor Planters

I guess it’s that time a year when everyone decides to throw out their old gardening stuff and purchase new because lately I’ve been creeping the curbs I feel like I am on a roll!
Here are some items that I have found the last few weeks.
 I love how they can quickly be refreshed and transferred over into my own yard looking almost as good as new!  
First up is this set of Faux Garden Urns: 
I first showed them to you a few weeks ago in THIS POST: 
P.S. I ended up dropping off the chairs at Goodwill.  Three of the legs were broken beyond what I was willing to work with right now and besides I already have three other sets of chairs that I need to work on (shhhhh, don’t tell MyLove!  I don’t think he’s realized it yet!) 
Again, here is a reminder of how much they cost at Home Depot new: 
Easy spruce up with the same paint that I used on the Cement Garden Urn last week.
And here is one of the faux urns now: 
My Lantana plants and butterflies from My Butterfly Garden love them! 
Again, fast and easy! 
Next up is this Glass Flower Pot found on the curb: 
I haven’t done anything with it but put it in my flower bed.  Looks okay “as is” for now.
And Finally, these two plastic flower pots.  Perfect condition so I could not pass them up.  Like the glass one, I don’t have plants in them yet but excited about their potential.  
I have to show you the Lantana again, don’t you love the yellow? 
Practically NO MAINTENANCE! My kind of plants!

9 thoughts on “More Outdoor Planters”

  1. more great finds,would love to see your whole yard, the yellow flowers are so pretty. I love getting the plants and flowers that come back every year, no need to plant every year, gets to the knees and back,lol

  2. Tami, my goodness you have the sharpest eyes around. Great job. I love lantana, too. Wonder if I would kill it. I'm holding my breath about my container plants already.
    Thanks for continuing to share your curb adventures with us.

  3. You have GOT to be the luckiest person to find all this good stuff! 🙂 I can't believe some of the things people throw out but I used to be that way too. Now that I'm following you and been on pinterest. I'm always telling my husband "oh NO don't throw that away, I will make SOMETHING out of it!" haha. Keep up the great posts!!


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