Awesome Enchiladas {Recipe}

Notice there are no fabulous posts on my cooking skills over here at Curb Alert!?  Well there was this mishap of a meal that won a feature at the “Stinky Linky Blog Party”, if you even call it a meal, but I will spare you the details.

I just plain do not enjoy cooking, as in not-at-all!   In fact, I really despise the time of day when I have to figure out what to do for dinner. Truthfully I don’t understand it because I love creativity in artsy things but do not enjoy the process of cooking.  I don’t have the patience for it and my husband and oldest are fabulous cooks so by this time why bother?    Don’t believe me?  I even have the t-shirt to prove it!

Well tonite I was bound and determined to give it another try!

Let me start by saying, “oh my goodness guys, I LOVE mexican food”!  I have been craving some really good enchiladas lately but hate to spend the money to go out as much as I would like.  And Taco Bell ahem, Taco Smell, just doesn’t cut it.  So imagine how excited I was to find a fabulous Beef Enchilada Recipe today over at my blog-friend Sharon’s blog,
Mrs. Hines’ Class.

I must tell you that they turned out fabulous! I loved them, the kids loved them, my husband loved them – which is a pure miracle in this household of six.  Getting everyone on the same page for dinner is quite the task so having them all applaud the recipe was an A+ in my book.  (Mrs. Hines would be proud)
I didn’t mess up on the ingredients, didn’t have to run to the store for forgotten milk, I didn’t burn them, the smoke detectors didn’t go off.  Again, let’s just say “miracle”! 
Don’t they look yummy? 
To top it off the fabulous enchiladas like these only require less than ten ingredients, and most of them I already had on hand! 
So if you would like to feel like a super-chef for an evening head over to Mrs. Hines Class where Sharon shares this fabulous enchilada recipe and many more. Be sure to stick around for her new series, “At the Dinner Table.”
We all need that sense of family, encouragement and conversing around a good meal; and just because I don’t cook most of my meals from scratch, I still value the importance of gathering around the dinner table.

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Enchiladas {Recipe}”

  1. I think the secret ingredient for many delicious Mexican food dishes is the Cumin, or Cominos as my Hispanic Mother in Law calls it. After learning how to make authentic tamales this New year, I realized that the cumin taste really seems to add that extra voila'!

  2. I so envy you having two willing cooks in your household! I feel exactly how you do about cooking and avoid it at all costs. We eat out far too often and the prepared meals are always sketchy. My "other half" is even worse about cooking. My sister has a husband who not only does all the cooking but revels in it. He also does all the cleaning and laundry. I work at not being jealous.


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