Outdoor Holiday Decor {Free-Ninety-Free}

My friend Sherry at The Rusty Pearl has a saying that has stuck with me from the moment we met, 
I LOVE that saying and when MyLove asks me what I paid for something I respond the same,

Well, tonight I am going to share with you my 
Outdoor Holiday Decor
 and guess how much it all cost me…yep, you guessed it, “Free-Ninety-Free!”
First let me step outside and show you my front door.  Don’t you love this wreath?  MyLove had it before we were married so to me it’s a definitely “Free-Ninety-Free!”  I think it’s pretty. 

Last year I displayed it indoors and showed it to you in my Night Before Christmas post..  It’s fun changing it up a bit year by year. 
Now that we are on the porch Look Up!  I hung my super huge (5 foot wide huge) FREE wreath above the door!  I LOVE it there!
You may recall last year I wrote about when I answered an ad on Freecycle where someone was giving it away.  I jumped in the car and swiped it real quick before they changed their mind!!! 
It even had tons of working lights on it last year, this time we had a few casualties but a super easy fix. 
Now moving along on the Holiday Front Porch.  You know I love topiaries! (Hubby hates them by the way) so for Christmas I spruced up the Outdoor Topiaries that I made out of Tomato Cages.  You can see how I made them HERE.
Sprucing up was easy since I had the lights on hand – Again, “Free-Ninety-Free!”
Sherry, stop me now, look what you started girl – I’m hooked! 
I said it again!!!
Just last week I had a friend give me a call that she had spotted some outdoor angel forms on the curb.  
Of course I ran right over and scooped them up! 
Hallelujah! Love them! 
At first I thought there was only one, but hiding behind the other trash can was her glorious sister.
Half of their lights worked but upon a little tweaking they now shine BRIGHT as ever in MY front yard!
Aren’t they pretty?
Well, there’s more! Yes more FREEBIES! 
Last year I rescued a lonely Santa and then a few months later found his sleigh. 
You can see the original posts about the rescues HERE and HERE.
If you have a house with kiddos then you HAVE to have a Santa, right?
I kid you not!
If you remember, Santa needed some new lights last year but the Sleigh was ready to go.  All the lights worked perfectly! 
I added some outdoor pillows with a big bow to make it look like presents.
Wow!  That’s a lot of 
Outdoor Holiday Decor 
Of course I did not score all of this over night or even over one season.  I have accumulated these over a five year period that we have lived in this neighborhood. 
Here’s a little fun recap:
1. Outdoor Garden Pedestal – Garage Sale – $5 
2. Tomato Cage Topiaries – DIY Dollar Tree – $30/set of 2
3. Peppermint Pillows – Garage Sale – $1/set of 4
4. Large Outdoor Wreath – Freecycle Ad – Free
5. Outdoor Garden Urns – Curb – Free/set of 2
6. Outdoor Angels – Curb – Free/set of 2
7. Gold Metal Christmas Tree – Curb – Free (hard to see) 
8. Willow Branch Christmas Tree – Curb – Free
9. Peppermint Pillows (closeup) $1
10.  Outdoor Santa – Curb – Free 
11.  Santa’s Sleigh – Curb – Free 
Wow!  If you go check out my Project Gallery or Trash to Treasure Tab, you can see where I found and wrote about almost every one of these items.  I didn’t mean to accumulate so much junk (I promise MyLove) but I like how it all has come together for practically next to nothing. 
Oops, I mean 
Do you think anyone will notice their discarded Christmas trash from years past?
I love how they all now have a bright new future.
Thanks for stopping by my Curb Alert! home. 
Next time I’ll show you the inside.
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. Maureen Wyatt

    You are my kinda girl! It looks really posh and 'free ninety free' is the best kind of price. You are so right about thinking ahead of the seasons!

  2. Sherry at The Rusty Pearl

    Girl after my own heart..And Free 90 Free ROCKS sister… I love it all and The peppermint pillows GUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to come and see it all. .YOU have it looking FABULOUS …….OMGOSH LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE did i mention LOVE it all sister……………..hugs

  3. Maria Elena

    Tami, just beautiful! Love, love the topiaries!!! You always do such a great job!

  4. chillin with Quillin

    wow its all gorgeous, your awesome with your decorations, love it!!!

  5. Recreate and Decorate

    I'm loving the sleigh with pillows!

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