Outdoor Holiday Decor {Free-Ninety-Free}

My friend Sherry at The Rusty Pearl has a saying that has stuck with me from the moment we met, 
I LOVE that saying and when MyLove asks me what I paid for something I respond the same,

Well, tonight I am going to share with you my 
Outdoor Holiday Decor
 and guess how much it all cost me…yep, you guessed it, “Free-Ninety-Free!”
First let me step outside and show you my front door.  Don’t you love this wreath?  MyLove had it before we were married so to me it’s a definitely “Free-Ninety-Free!”  I think it’s pretty. 

Last year I displayed it indoors and showed it to you in my Night Before Christmas post..  It’s fun changing it up a bit year by year. 
Now that we are on the porch Look Up!  I hung my super huge (5 foot wide huge) FREE wreath above the door!  I LOVE it there!
You may recall last year I wrote about when I answered an ad on Freecycle where someone was giving it away.  I jumped in the car and swiped it real quick before they changed their mind!!! 
It even had tons of working lights on it last year, this time we had a few casualties but a super easy fix. 
Now moving along on the Holiday Front Porch.  You know I love topiaries! (Hubby hates them by the way) so for Christmas I spruced up the Outdoor Topiaries that I made out of Tomato Cages.  You can see how I made them HERE.
Sprucing up was easy since I had the lights on hand – Again, “Free-Ninety-Free!”
Sherry, stop me now, look what you started girl – I’m hooked! 
I said it again!!!
Just last week I had a friend give me a call that she had spotted some outdoor angel forms on the curb.  
Of course I ran right over and scooped them up! 
Hallelujah! Love them! 
At first I thought there was only one, but hiding behind the other trash can was her glorious sister.
Half of their lights worked but upon a little tweaking they now shine BRIGHT as ever in MY front yard!
Aren’t they pretty?
Well, there’s more! Yes more FREEBIES! 
Last year I rescued a lonely Santa and then a few months later found his sleigh. 
You can see the original posts about the rescues HERE and HERE.
If you have a house with kiddos then you HAVE to have a Santa, right?
I kid you not!
If you remember, Santa needed some new lights last year but the Sleigh was ready to go.  All the lights worked perfectly! 
I added some outdoor pillows with a big bow to make it look like presents.
Wow!  That’s a lot of 
Outdoor Holiday Decor 
Of course I did not score all of this over night or even over one season.  I have accumulated these over a five year period that we have lived in this neighborhood. 
Here’s a little fun recap:
1. Outdoor Garden Pedestal – Garage Sale – $5 
2. Tomato Cage Topiaries – DIY Dollar Tree – $30/set of 2
3. Peppermint Pillows – Garage Sale – $1/set of 4
4. Large Outdoor Wreath – Freecycle Ad – Free
5. Outdoor Garden Urns – Curb – Free/set of 2
6. Outdoor Angels – Curb – Free/set of 2
7. Gold Metal Christmas Tree – Curb – Free (hard to see) 
8. Willow Branch Christmas Tree – Curb – Free
9. Peppermint Pillows (closeup) $1
10.  Outdoor Santa – Curb – Free 
11.  Santa’s Sleigh – Curb – Free 
Wow!  If you go check out my Project Gallery or Trash to Treasure Tab, you can see where I found and wrote about almost every one of these items.  I didn’t mean to accumulate so much junk (I promise MyLove) but I like how it all has come together for practically next to nothing. 
Oops, I mean 
Do you think anyone will notice their discarded Christmas trash from years past?
I love how they all now have a bright new future.
Thanks for stopping by my Curb Alert! home. 
Next time I’ll show you the inside.
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. Girl after my own heart..And Free 90 Free ROCKS sister… I love it all and The peppermint pillows GUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to come and see it all. .YOU have it looking FABULOUS …….OMGOSH LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE did i mention LOVE it all sister……………..hugs


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