Quick 15 Minute Update {Outdoor Patio Chairs}

I love these quick weekend projects, don’t you?
I have to admit I am a little obsessed with outdoor patio chairs right now and this neighborhood is definitely feeding that obsession!
I find at least a few of these chairs a month.

Here’s the latest find:
Looks crappy right now but nothing that a quick spray painting fix will not cure!
See the puzzle pieces painted on the table?  That’s where I painted the decor for KidzSpace HERE!
One chair especially was in pretty rough shape so I decided to prime them first.
Then I decided on Yellow!
I used Krylon for Plastic Spray Paint and it worked great!
Here they are ready for our Second Curb Alert! Friday Block Party!
If you would like to join us and link up please do so HERE.
I am keeping it open until midday Sunday.
Each chair takes more time to dry than it does to paint them.  I love doing this because they are almost $20 a piece at the stores (spray paint is $3) so why not just glam up the ones you already have? (or find!)
cute color!
 I’d rather spend my money on cute accessories like pillows and cushions.
What about these pillows that I purchased last summer from Walmart?  (they still carry them).
Aren’t they cute?
 They go with so many colors like HERE: 
…and HERE:
I told you I was obsessed with these chairs and now I have a rainbow collection (per Ladybug’s request)
I cannot help but think of Rainbow Brite from when I was a kid…makes me laugh myself silly smile!
Don’t judge, I’m really not that silly.   My neurotic one color-schemed self would have preferred to paint them all to match and be a little more classy but it’s fun to please the little ones.  I have plenty of time to have classy decor when they are older!
Look how cute they look now! Remember the Yellow Rubber Boots I found HERE?
I’ve already worn these quite a few times in our back yard.  It tends to get pretty mushy after the rains!
I think the yellow chairs are my favorite so far and have a plan for the entire collection in our beachy themed VBS decor this summer!  I have now found 10 and have two more to go to reach my goal!
So if you live in my area and see any of those plastic chairs give me a Curb Alert! call!
You know I’ll come right over!
Happy Treasure Hunting!

11 thoughts on “Quick 15 Minute Update {Outdoor Patio Chairs}”

  1. Debbie, this is awesome! The chairs look like you just bought them at the store and I love the way they look with the pillows. Also love the rainbow colors! 🙂 Great job!

  2. Rock On!! I have picked up plastic chairs on garbage day in my "hood". Painting plastic has always been a waste of time. Even with plastic spray paint. *PRIMER* That's the key!! Love the colors… Love me some Rainbow Brite!!


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