Quick and Easy Hand Lettering on Signs

Thank you so much for the sweet comments about the Spartan Green Media Cabinet that I painted for my friend.  If you remember correctly, I purchased baskets to go in the top shelf of the cabinet.  What does that leave?…an extra drawer! 

I didn’t have the heart to throw it away so I pryed the front off of the drawer and painted and stained the edges just like I did on the dresser/cabinet.
Quick and Easy Hand Lettering on Signs
{in five easy steps}
I made it into a family sign with a few quick simple steps. 

Step 1: 
Painted the surface.  Well, duh! That’s a given but decided to give you a heads up on that one. 
Do you need to see a picture of that?  Didn’t think so!

Step 2: 
I measured and traced out the letters that I wanted to use on thin notebook paper.  You can also print the letters on your computer with your favorite font but in this case I hand drew them.  I went this route mainly because MyLove was hogging our computer at the time and I didn’t feel like waiting.   I also like how it isn’t exactly perfect, and more like it was hand painted. 
If you are lucky enough to own a Cricut or Silhouette vinyl machine I recommend that too…I am not so lucky but I love to draw so no problem.
Step 3: 
Lay your papers out on the board and trace over the letters carefully so that it will leave a slight impression on the wood. 
I also used this same technique on Butterfly’s lampshade but placed the paper behind the shade to trace out the letters. 
Now back to the drawer turned sign…
See the impression? 
Step 4: 
Use a Sharpie or any brand permanent marker to color in the lines. 
Very simple, it goes on smooth like paint. 
Step 5: 
I embellished the sign with the family name and date in script with a gold paint pen.
I like the added touch.
…looks like I need to go over it a bit more to finish up! 
but I got anxious and wanted to show you guys first! 
I think it will look great above the new Spartan Green Media Cabinet!  
or in the back of her closet if she doesn’t like it 🙂 
What do you think? 
Easy, right?
   Now go try it!!!
Happy Treasure Hunting! 
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  1. I love this .. You are so talented .. I love the fact that you never waist one thing. YOU get so creative and use everything… I love this !!!!!!!! Your so inspiring to me… I am always driving around saying OOOO thats a curb alert : ) Have a blessed thanksgiviing my sweet friend


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