Quick and Easy Karate Decor for $23

Remember yesterday I posted about decorating for KidzSpace?  Today I would like to show you how quick and easy it was to do the projects.   First is the gong.  I made  them out of

(how did you guess it?)  out of two pizza pans.  I purchased them at Walmart for $4.48 each.   They worked out perfectly and actually sound like the real deal when the kiddos pound on gong them. 

My inspiration was this from Bubba’s Karate Studio:

Again, I apologize for the poor picture quality 🙁
Really quick and easy to duplicate here.  I downloaded the symbol for strength and cannot remember the other one that looks like an “F”, and just free handed them on the pizza pans.  I looked them up to make sure they were not obsene symbols because they looked cool to me. Just needed to make sure they would fit in well in our church environment! 
I made the circles by tracing around a plate with black paint.

I thought it looked too bland so I got out the gold paint pen and embellished them a little bit.

Much better with the gold!  
The mallet was made out of a wooden kitchen spoon, felt and ribbon.  My first thought was to use  one of my kiddos’ play microphones but that looked a little too stupid.  I think the spoon version turned out cute. 
My inspiration for the banner was this:

And with $18 of red felt, black ribbon, a few printed letters and the price of the pizza pans and hot glue – here is our version in KidzSpace.

I cannot wait to see what the kids think on Sunday and even more excited to use it in Bubba’s new Karate Dojo Bedroom.

Check back later and I will show you another Karate project that I made out of this odd curbside find:

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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