Spice Rack Nail Polish Organizer


Hi friends!

This is such a quick and easy makeover that it really doesn’t require too many words!

Well maybe one word…Nailpolish!

We girls love nail polish and shoes and it seems that we just cannot get enough of it.  There are four girls in our family and we have drawers full of nail polish in every color under the rainbow.

I thought that there might be a fun way to keep them organized and came up with this quick solution…

Upon first look it is an ugly old cheap thrift store find that everyone walks by since there are now more modern ways to organizing our spices these days.

A bit of Annie Sloan Old White, a bit of distressing, some Annie Sloan Clear Wax and a few moments later I had a great new Nail Polish Organization System!  (It literally took me longer to take pictures and write this post up than it did to paint this Spice Rack gem!)

Here it is in our girls’ bathroom right next to my grandmother’s secretary.  I love how it looks in there and is a convenient (and safe) place to paint their nails.

On a sidenote:  our movers looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them to place the secretary in the bathroom.  I actually LOVE the way it looks! … especially with the cute blue and white chair!

So how do YOU store your nail polish? 

So let’s see what my blogger friends are organizing this week!  I hope we inspire you!

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  1. Christy James

    I'm thinking I shouldn't be so quick to pass up those dated spice racks…this looks fabulous with a new coat of paint, even for spices! LOVE that secretary and how fun and unexpected to find it in the bathroom! 🙂

  2. Marigene

    I always pass up a spice rack or two while out thrifting…I am now going to buy one for this project! Watch, there won't be one in sight, now that I want one!

  3. Jen @ Girl in the Garage

    What a great idea, Tami! And your nail polish rack looks way better with some fabulous Chalk Paint. 🙂 LOVE the secretary also!

  4. Wendi Wachtel

    Tami, Of course I love the painted rack..you always paint so well! Hanging your polishes up so all the colors can easily be seen is so smart! I just wish my nails would grow so I could use one of these too!

  5. Postcards from the ridge

    This is a great idea because my daughters have dozens of bottles of nail polish! Gonna keep my eyes peeled for a spice rack at the thrift shop now for sure! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Paula@SweetPea

    A spice rack is perfect for organizing nail polish! I love the secretary in your daughters' bathroom. I would never think to put a piece like that in a bathroom but it really works!

  7. Megan Aubrey

    This is such a fun makeover! And you see these everywhere in thrift stores. It makes it feel like you are in a nail salon!

  8. Http://whatmeeganmakes.com

    Tami! You are so awesome. I LOVE this idea. I won't pass up another spice rack, now. Thanks for sharing your painting talents, too. You inspire me.

  9. Vanessa


    I love your hutch in the bathroom and the colors as well. Wow, love and the nail polish idea is awesome. Shared.

  10. Dria S

    I love this idea so much, I want to do this but need to restock my nail polishes! I love how yours looks in your bathroom too.

  11. Christy Little Our Southern Home

    Your rack turned out fabulously! Great minds do think alike! That secretary is gorgeous in the there as well!

  12. Mary Beth

    This is a genius recycle! I'm the only girl in my house and my nails are a mess but some day when I have grand daughters (I'm planning ahead) I'll try to duplicate this so I can paint their little nails and have a pamper party….I desperately need some girls and girlie stuff in my life. 😉

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