Superbowl Sunday {Curbside Edition}

What did you do for the Superbowl?  I really don’t care about the game sorry MyLove! but My Love does so he decided to throw a little Superbowl party for some local friends.  What made it even better was that I did not have to lift a finger with the cooking, My Love is better in that department so I let him plan the entire menu.

He thought I was crazy when I got out his poker table felt and started marking it like a football field!  I couldn’t stand bye completely and had to decorate somehow.   Just that little touch of green really set the scene.  The pics are just the beginning stages with chips and dips but by the time the party started both the island and kitchen tables were full of snackies!  We have some pretty awesome friends because they brought some amazing dishes.  I don’t think I even saw a bit of the game because I was a little too busy hanging out near the food and stuffing my face chatting the entire night!  

Backup a little here…I had a few minutes to spare before the party so I decided to break away and do a little quick curbside shopping go to the grocery store for some last minute snack items.  You can never have enough chips, right?
I know it’s a little silly but I did stop for this {Wire Tomato Trellis}:
I didn’t take the pots because they were wet and dirty but I did grab the wire tomato trellis.  I know they are probably no more than $5 at Home Depot but why spend $10 for two when you can have them for free?  I can use them in the spring in my garden (well let’s just say it’s just my backyard with some plants!) but truthfully had something like this in mind for them:
Tomato cage wrapped with garland and lights! So much cheaper than actually buying the trees. So smart.
Turn them upside down, wrap in garland and lights – DONE!  I can do that, right?   We’ll see what I can come up with – I would hate to wait till Christmas to use them!
I also found these chairs.  Of course one is a little  a lot crappier condition  shabbier than the other but I grabbed them both anyway.
Hurry Tami!  Take some quick pictures, you have Superbowl guests arriving in 20 minutes!
Well I couldn’t do much with them at this point but shove it all in the garage for now.  Remember I have Superbowl guests coming over soon and they think I am classy (maybe not classy but they don’t know about my little hobby…yet) 
I walked into my house and see that the Jenga game turned into a Curb Alert! game.  How funny that my LadyBug was thinking about me while I was gone  🙂  Makes me smile!
The party went well and somehow the topic of Curb Alert! was brought up!  Oh well, so much for my little secret.  It’s all in fun, right? We had such a great time with a great group of folks.  It really made my 5 minutes of watching football and my 4 hours of feeding frenzy so much fun!
Anyways I was excited for Monday to roll around and I quickly pulled out those chairs and got to work. 
A little bit of chopping and sanding going on.
You didn’t think I would already have a finished product did you?  I ran out of time but wanted to share with you some more of my inspiration. 
I’m thinking maybe something like this…
or this…
Shouldn’t be too difficult.
I’ll keep you posted.
Hope you all had a fun Superbowl weekend!
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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