Updating Curb Appeal {Front Door Refinishing – Again!}

Hi guys!  Writing this feels like a dejavue moment, didn’t I just refinish a front door this year?  Why yes I did! 

Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing

I shared with you how I Updated Curb Appeal by Refinishing our Front Door in the Spring in preparation for putting our house on the market.  I am so glad that I did because I believe it definitely left a great first impression.  

Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing

Well I didn’t really plan on doing this project again but after moving into our new home I decided that it needed a little bit of freshening up as well.  And also the fact that the first thing my mom mentioned when she walked in was “It’s a shame that you worked so hard on your front door and now this one is in dire need of a refinishing job!”   She was right!
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Our front door on our “new” home didn’t look very new!  In fact it looked super shabby and quite embarrassing! …cracks, exposed nail holes, faded…
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Just like any other piece of old wood, that door had potential and I was not going to stare at it much longer.  I got to work the very next weekend. 
I used the same Minwax Dark Walnut Stain as I did in my previous Front Door Project.  If you would like to see the step by step how-to then please check out that post HERE
This time I cheated and only lightly sanded the doorface, as I didn’t have as much time as before. 
I am still just as pleased with the results and it definitely added to our new Curb Appeal! 
A quick coat of Poly and I was done!
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Wow-if I do say so myself!  Not shabby anymore!
It’s interesting how I used the same stain as on our other door but the color variation is so different.  I love it.  There are only so many ways you can photograph a door but here goes a few more. 
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Curb Alert! Front Door Refinishing
Thanks for visiting today! 
I hope you have had a great week! 



  1. Kirsten

    Your door looks fabulous! I would've mistaken it for a brand new one. Great job!

  2. Sharon @ mrshinesclass

    Looks great! My door is in dire need of refinishing too. hint, hint 😉

  3. Baye

    What a change a little work and poly did! Beautiful.

  4. Pamela

    It does not take much to make such an amazing update! People in my hood are always asking for refinishers for doors and paying well over $200 for it. All it takes is a sanding block and some stain and Bam new front door. It is not hard at all. I do not even put poly over mine because once a year it needs refinishing anyways. Makes the sanding go easier. Your door looks amazing Tammy!

  5. Danielle Bailey

    How did you refinish your front door to make it look new again? It seems like a newly installed door. It isn’t shabby anymore; it’s more elegant now. Who would have thought that it could be this beautiful! Good job to that! Danielle Bailey @ Vinylume Home Improvement

  6. Traci Creel

    Wow, that made a big change and your door looks beautiful.

  7. Katie

    I'm surprised how you were able to do the update all by yourself, looking at all the work you actually accomplished! Good job on restoring your front door! That looks like the work of a professional, Tami!

    Katie Nicoll @ Clark Adams

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