Cute Framed Doily Valentine’s Day Menu

February is here! How did that happen? Have you thought of your plans yet for Valentine’s Day?  It’s right around the corner! This year My Love and I are attending the annual Board Dinner for his company.  It is usually held in a fantastic restaurant with the best culinary delights. Definitely an evening we look forward to.
I’ll never forget our Valentine’s Day dinner last year.  We had a get together with a few of our couple’s friends to celebrate our lovey love.  We had a great dinner and even played silly newlywed games.  Lots of fun, I’ll really miss those guys!

Anyway, I’d like to share with you a little Valentine’s Day Menu display idea you can make this year.  It’s so easy and quite adorable! Here’s a peek.

Valentine's day menu
Now off to go raid the fridge, looking at those delicious strawberries are making me hungry for something sweet!

My Inspiration

While planning this cute menu display, I had many ideas rolling around in my head. And the moment I saw this picture in the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas Magazine I was tickled pink, well red.

Doily menu inspiration from magazine

The menu idea was featured in the article “Holiday Party Ideas” along with many other neat inspirations. I love how the ideas are so versatile and can be used for any occasion.

Christmas ideas magazine

Supplies for my framed Valentine’s day menu

Doily menu supplies

Time to get busy, I already had many of the items on hand:

  • frames
  • glue
  • white paper
  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors

I found this frame for $2.99 at Goodwill last night (here’s another project that started at Goodwill). I was just going to take a picture out of a frame on hand, but for that price, I went ahead and bought it.

The sales lady at Hobby Lobby looked at me weird when I asked where the “doilies” were located, she had no idea. She still gave me a strange look when I described them as “you know, what old ladies used to decorate their coffee tables with? Oops, wrong thing to say to a lady quite a few years to my elder! So I searched with blinders on because Hobby Lobby is too tempting for my budget right now!

I found the doilies in the cake section – duh.

Got my supplies – Now I am ready!

How to create Valentine’s day menu from doilies

Online menu text inspiration

I just made up a little romantic french menu with some online inspiration. Glued the paper to the doily, glued the doily to the scrapbook paper, glued the scrapbook paper to the frame insert – DONE!

Valentine's day decor


And there you have it, my Valentine’s Day Menu. I love it! It gets me excited to put the final touches on planning for our party.

What do you think? Will you make a menu for your Valentine’s day party? Share pics if you do!

This cute Valentine's day menu made from an old frame and a doily will set the mood on this special day. So easy to make, even the kids can help! #valentinesday #doily #valentinesdaydecor #valentinesdaydinner

22 thoughts on “Cute Framed Doily Valentine’s Day Menu”

  1. Such a cute idea! Great job on your copycat. You've got my mind spinning with ideas for Valentine's Day with my family.
    I found you at the Sunday Social blog hop. Your personality just oozes through. You're too cute! I'm a new follower.


  2. Just came from Debbies Link up party and just had to see your post. This is SO clever and cute. You did a GREAT job. Love it. Absolutely love it. Now I want to make a menu for our Valentines Dinner!! I haven't posted my copycat thingy yet. I will in the morning. Am so excited.


    PS I am now following you. I too am a new blogger!


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