Framed Wine Cork Display

Grab a bottle of wine and see how I made this cute framed wine cork display! It was so easy and took very little time for an awesome big impact!

Memo board made from wine corks

How I Made This Framed Wine Cork Display

If you recall, earlier in the week I was cutting my wine corks in half by using this incredible tip. It sure made it faster and easier to cut them and saved a ton of time.

I decided to cut mine for this project because I figured the frame was thin enough and it would double the amount of space I was filling in with my corks.

I started out with this framed mirror that was my grandmother’s.

Mirror before

The mirror was part of a set. I previously blogged about the other one in this furniture makeover post. I love them both and don’t think I will ever part with them.

White desk from my grandmother

Step by step from mirror to wire cork display

If you like the look of the mirror, you can get similar elegant frames on Amazon.

Anyway, back to the black mirror.

I didn’t want to deface the mirror itself so I flipped it with the backer board. I liked the wood of the backer board so that it would show through the gaps of the wine corks as the same color, making them less noticeable.

Note, there will be gaps and it really bugged me at first but trust me, once you get it all together it becomes one cohesive piece and you don’t even notice.

Also, I chose this frame because it’s a rectangle as it’s a bit easier to fit the corks into the squared edges. Although if you used my super wine cork cutting trick it shouldn’t be too much of a problem anyway!

The back of the mirror, where I glued the corks

I played around with the pattern of the corks (by size, shapes, and colors) until I liked the composition and then glued them on to the wood with a hot glue gun.

Here it is up close. You can see how great they fit. Remember, they were cut in half.

Close-up of the framed corks

I love how the black elegant frames play up the roughness of the corks.

P.S. If you are not a wine drinker but still like the look of this project, no worries – I have shopped around for you and found the perfect solution. These recycled wine corks are available from Amazon for a great price and would work beautifully!

Setting up the display

Now for the fun part, setting up my display. This weekend we used it as a backdrop on our buffet while we entertained some friends. I got many compliments about the presentation. How cute would it be as a Chef Menu Board!

Chef menu board

If I only had more time to prepare, maybe next time!

Framed wine corks

I can also use it as a memo board to display pictures, notes or business cards – the possibilities are endless.

Memo board made from wine corks

But for now, I will let my daughter use it for her jewelry. I think she will love it as she has already commented on it many times, hinting how it would look great in her room. And, of course, I agree with her.

Jewelry cork display

I love the way it turned out! What do you think? How would you use it?

Now, remember to save your corks!

Framed wine cork display


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  1. I found this because I was Googling how to cut cork (yes I found THAT article… which then led me onto this one).

    I've been collecting corks for a while now but am still pondering what to do with them. But I love this Jewellery board idea and it's now on my list!

    Thanks xxx


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