Themed Furniture Makeover: Words and Letters!

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Welcome back to our Themed Furniture Makeover Day!
This month features furniture transformations with Words and Letters.


This desk is my painful little contribution –SMH!
I will spare you the details of the many makeovers it has gone through the past few months until I could get it “just right”
Here is a before shot
– a few moments after I saved it from Goodwill.

Lots of scratches on the wood and more dents, scrapes and burns in the leather top!

I really thought I could save the wood and clean up the leather but as the process began I just couldn’t leave it well enough alone.

Worked some more and almost used it in our Decoupage Theme…then changed my mind.
I worked on it and almost used in in our Two Toned Theme…then changed my mind.
Yes it’s been “in progress” for that long!

Finally this week as I was rearranging linens in my dining room this tablerunner fabric got my wheels turning and thus the desk beautification began.



I intended on selling it but then my daughter fell in love with it.


And then I fell in love with it!
I guess we will have to arm wrestle over it!She wins since I have nowhere to put it and maybe in a few years when she moves out she will let me keep it in her bedroom.


What do you think?
I hope you love it too!

Now let’s see what my other furniture girlfriends are up to today!



  1. Marie Blackburn

    I can see why you and your daughter were fighting over this desk Tami. The burlap fabric is perfect – so pretty! I have a hunch she may want to take it with her when she moves out (just say'n).
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  2. monkey

    tami really nice makeover, i am glad you get to keep it in the family ha ha xx

  3. Sharon @ mrshinesclass

    It's beautiful, Tami! Love the script.

  4. Paula@SweetPea

    Great makeover! I think it's a good thing that you are keeping this. You've made it look great and it's a useful piece.

  5. Breanna Bertolini

    The top looks just like the top of my tables did for this month's project! That leather was a pain in the butt to get off haha. This desk looks so awesome now! Love it 🙂

  6. Jeanette Chaney

    I can see why your fighting over the desk…it's incredible! Jeanette

  7. Http://

    Oh my! I can see what the battle is over. Your work is perfection, Tami! I love the French script and the sanded edges. It adds new life to your furniture. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Larissa Prodigal Pieces

    A girl should get to keep her projects every once in a while. :o) You rocked it!

  9. Wendi Wachtel

    Great makeover! Love the pattern on the desk. I'd fight over getting it too!

  10. Christy James

    Stunning makeover, Tami! I don't think I could sell it either! XO

  11. Jen @ Girl in the Garage

    This turned out SO pretty Tami! I love that French script on top – what a great idea!

  12. Artsy Chicks Rule

    I love it Tami!!! I think it ended up perfectly!! I can see why you both love it!! 🙂



    This turned out great! Such a great transformation! Life to the full! Melissa

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