My Favorite Curb Alert! Knockoff Projects

As I am preparing for another great Knockoff Tour I thought I would first share with you some of my favorite Curb Alert! Knockoffs!

It’s so easy if you just think outside of the box.  On the following projects I started out with these ordinary items (ready to be tossed to the curb!) …

But wait!  They all have potential and here you can see why –

You can click on each image description and it will take you to the original post. 
Hurry and head over to Goodwill and pick up an old school globe so you too can make my 
And while you are there you may want to pick up one of those cheap clam shell chip bowls so you can try this one… 
I Love Glitter Toms and last year they were all the rage for the teens, but when my toddler was begging for some too I just could not stomach the $50 price tag so I had to improvise…with glitter!
Thank goodness I didn’t pay the $50 because she grew out of them in like TWO months! 
See how easy they are to make in this post: 
Great that glitter is cheap because it allowed me to save up more money to make some more awesome Knockoffs of the Great Pottery Barn. 
These no sew pillows were so simple to make…out of placemats from Walmart! 
Check it out here in my post

And speaking of Pottery Barn, I admit I am a Pottery Barn Wannabe.  Have you ever wondered how to achieve that famous Pottery Barn Black Distressed Paint Finish?  Check out how I updated an UGLY old massive dresser into something fabulous!  I’ll just leave you with this before pic and promise it will be worth checking out…
Okay I am beginning to think I may shop way too much at Walmart but have you seen the coral in the fish department?  Well it’s usually blue or orange but no worries, with a can of spray paint and a few minutes you too can achieve the look of  a high end decor piece in no time!  See how I did it in my post,  
Do you have one of those ugly return air vents on your wall?  See my quick and easy fix that I did to cover up mine! 
Not sure why but my Pinterest friends go crazy over this one!

Did you see my 
 that I made for my friend?  Luckily she hasn’t picked it up yet so I have a little more time to enjoy it in my home! 
take your time Sherry!

And finally, I save my very own favorite for last… 
You have to see the before because you won’t believe it’s the same cabinet!  
And there you have it, my roundup of my favorite Curb Alert! Knockoff Projects! 
I am so anxious to share some more next week when I participate in another Knockoff Tour with my talented blogger friends. 
So before you throw that ordinary item out, peruse your favorite HighEnd catalog and think outside the box, you just may come up with something fabulous!

So which Curb Alert! Knockoff Project is YOUR favorite?  
I’d love to know! 
See you next week! 

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