Transform An Ugly Return Air Vent Cover In 5 Minutes

While browsing through my newest crack addiction Pinterest (I’m sorry, I am addicted!) last night, I was looking through some home decor items and came across a return air vent cover. Not just any ordinary one but this one at  Van Dyke’s Restorers.

Return air vent cover - before and after

Upon further research, I was shocked to find out that it can be purchased for a whopping $169.95!!! Whoa! Get outta here!

Van Dyke Restorers Air Grille

How to Transform Your Ugly Return Air Vent Cover In 5 Minutes

I had a BRILLIANT idea I tell ya – BRILLIANT! This decorative outdoor rubber mat was already sitting at my front door just waiting for a new life.

Front porch

I cleaned it off a little with some Armour All tire cleaner.

You can purchase a similar doormat from Amazon, here…for less than $20 (sometimes a lot less!!)

Here is a before shot of my gallery wall where the AC return air vent is beautifully displayed right there on the edge of it. Pretty difficult to hide as it is right outside of my guest bathroom! There is also a second one located above all of the pictures as well! Double trouble!

Ugly air vent cover

I just put in two screws and hung up the doormat. So easy!

Screws above the vent

Here is a closeup of the air conditioner vent.

I may not be brilliant, but feeling a little awesome at the moment. Nothing like a little bit of instant gratification!!!

Before and after

I think it looks great! Definitely a LOT more appealing than the white air vent! I love how it took me a total of about 5 minutes to complete this project and cost me a whopping $0.

Updated vent cover

BAM! High five from My Love right there, although he will probably think it looks stupid on the wall. That’s okay, that’s why he’s in charge of “making the donuts” and I am in charge of the home operations!

Things to consider before covering your vent with a doormat

Here are the disclaimers before you try it yourself:

  1. When searching for a rubber doormat, try to find one that allows plenty of air flow, meaning that the door mat has a large amount of space in between the rubber sections.
  2. I have two air vents, a second one is located about 4 feet above the one shown and I have decided to leave it as is and unobstructed for maximum airflow.
  3. I have consulted with our HVAC Air Technician and he has agreed that the doormat leaves proper airflow for our home based on our own situation. Definitely consult with your own Air Technician to ensure that you get proper airflow before using it on yours. Our technician was already on call for our yearly checkup so it was no additional charge to check it out.
  4. Open up your air vents a little by raising up the individual vent panels with pliers to allow even more airflow.

Remember you can easily purchase one for yourself from Amazon … this one will work great, as it allows for good airflow.

How to easily disguise an ugly return vent with a rubber door mat. #DIY #airvent #homedecor #wallart #diyproject

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